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My mobile home is using a lot of electricity.

Q. I'm trying to remodel a 1976 mobile home. recently got the power turned on and it is using over 90 KWH per day and nothing is being used or is plugged in. I read some of your articles and am planning on checking the outlets and the breaker box tomorrow, but didn't know if there is anything else that I should check or know?

A. Watch out for older inefficient appliances, heavier than average appliance usage due to weather such as hot or cold. Loose connections at outlets, branch feeder circuit breakers and especially the main (200 amp) disconnect breakers. Feel for hot wires, that is an indication of current consumption. The most overlooked energy eaters besides the "vampires" (transformers, chargers, plug in air fresheners etc.) is the water heater and the refrigerator. I have a timer on the water heater and have the settings adjusted for optimum performance with the use if a thermometer, that saves me a ton. Also be advised to check for air leaks around doors and windows. Stock windows in a mobile home are terrible and be sure to use the double pane (inner/outer). Do things like placing those safety plugs in outlets can help with air leakage over time. Use shade to your advantage, blinds in the windows during the summer. Go around the home during the hottest part of the day and feel the walls and ceilings, if you can, for hot spots. Don't forget to use CFL light bulbs and I highly recommend using the newer LED bulbs where you can, especially in places where the lights tend to remain on for long amounts of time.This might help to find inadequate or slipped out of place insulation.  Let me know what you find. Thanks for the email...Don