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6 wires in an outlet box

Q. Our home is a 1990 double wide mobile. I have one electrical space that the old "v" type went into. This "v" box has been removed and all the wires have been taped and caped off (3 black together, 3 white together and three ground together I have never seen a receptacle with 6 wires. All the down-line wiring is working fine. How to I wire a new receptacle with all these wires?????
A. Make sure you cut off the power to this circuit before you work on it. You need to do what is called a pigtail. You will add one more wire to each of the ones that are there now. The (click on this to see how) pigtail wires need to be about 6 inches long. One white, one black and a ground. Just attach them to the wires that are there now, twist them together and cap them. Then take the wires you added and run them to the outlet. White on silver, black on brass and ground on green. You should now have only the pigtailed wires going to the outlet.

Update: Hi Don - Your solution worked absolutely perfectly.