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Do you have enough insulation in your mobile home?

My web page for mobile home insulation has a lot of very useful information to determine if you have enough insulation and what to check. I have also included an insulation calculator. The page gives insulation values for different geographical locations.

Mobile Home Furnace-Testing-Troubleshooting-Parts Finder

The best thing you can do is to check out and test your mobile home furnace heating system before you actually need to use it. With winter now approaching it is time to make sure that  everything will work properly when the time comes to turn it on and not at the last minute.

Doing the proper maintenance to the system which involves things such as changing the filter and other recommendations I point out on my website page about electric furnace preparation, testing and how to trouble shoot problems. I even have some excellent resources for any needed parts or filters.

I do recommend that you seek professional service if you don't have some background or technical understanding of heating and cooling systems.

While you are at it test and or install smoke detectors at this time for safety's sake.

Staying warm cheaper can be done by following a few simple guidelines.

Change 240 volt to 120 volt Wiring Circuit Breaker

Change 240 volt to 120 volt Wiring Circuit Breaker
A double pole circuit breaker means that it was a 240 volt electrical circuit delivering whatever amount of amps shown on the circuit breaker handle, 20, 30 etc. The breaker must be matched to the electrical wire size. For example a 20 amp circuit breaker protects a #12 wire and a 30 amp circuit breaker protects a #10 wire. To change it to a 120 volt circuit simply take the white electrical wire that is attached to the circuit breaker and move it to the neutral bus bar leaving the black electrical wire where it is, you will see in the box where all the white wires are attached. I suggest that you replace the circuit breaker with a single pole type. Black electrical wire to circuit breaker, white wire and bare ground to the bus bars on the sides.  Be sure to get the type of circuit breaker that matches your circuit breaker box, GE, Murray, Square  D, etc.
Amazon.Com is a great place to get those hard to find circuit breakers

Tub and Shower Crack Repair

I often get asked about crack repair in plastic, fiberglass and PVC tubs and showers. There are kits available to repair this problem that is a whole lot less expensive than replacing the bathtub or shower. Fiberglass kits work very well when you follow the directions on the packaging. You can get repair kits here for about $15.00 that will solve your problem.

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