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Switch Receptacle Combo Wiring

Q. I want to replace my original equip. light switch with a pass & seymour light switch and receptacle plug. Inside I don't have red white and black. I have 3 black and my ground. is the power line the one coming in from the top?
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I'm surprised that there is not a white wire in there. Power usually comes in from the bottom and the "switch leg" to the light goes up inside the wall. Check to make sure that there is no white "neutral" wire. It is possible that there is not a white wire if the power is first brought in through the ceiling junction box where the light fixture is. In that case you will need a volt meter to find the hot leg and the neutral leg to make the outlet work. Do you have a volt meter?

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I do have a bunch of white wires that are bundled together with a wire nut. None of them were attached to the light switch. I will check on the volt meter and get back. Thanks for the quick reply.

A. You need to "pigtail" (see website for how to make a pigtail) a white wire to the silver screw on the outlet portion of the outlet. Take whichever black wire is the hot from the breaker box and connect it to the brass or black screw on the outlet switch combo device and then attach the black wire that went to the light fixture on the remaining brass or black screw on the switch part of the combo device and you are done. Take a look at my website for complete instructions on combo switches and pigtail wiring.

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Did the job! Thanks