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Homeowners do their own test of radiant barrier white ceramic paint vs standard white paint on their mobile home to test the insulation value.

 This is something worth checking out. The insulation and long lasting properties make this an amazing product. I have also been told that people have painted there duct work and under coated their homes with dramatic results.

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Should a white wire ever be connected in with with the black wires? (ceiling light)

 Generally no, but there are circumstances where this does occur. When it does the white wire will have a piece of black tape on it to let the electrician know that this wire is now a "hot" conductor in both the ceiling box and the switch box. This will occur when the power source comes in at the light fixture box and not at the switch box. This now requires that the hot be transferred to the light switch box via the white wire from the light fixture box and then returned back to the light fixture from the switch on the black wire, to give the switch control of the light fixture. Get other answers to mobile home electrical repair problems by visiting the website l.