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Mobile Home Heater not Working

Q. I have lived in this trailer for 2 years now and before this, there were no problems with the heating, in fact, it was too good at times. This year is a different story. There is no heat. The mobile home ductwork is just blowing cold air. We have replaced the air filters, had the furnace professionally checked, replaced the thermostat, and tried to repair the duct work under the trailer. I am not sure how well the duct work was checked and repaired. Now that it is getting colder, in the lower 20's, and it's just the start, I would like to know about how much should it cost to have someone to look at the ducts and to fix them or replace them? All your sources are for South Carolina and I live in Michigan. This is an older trailer, made in the 60's. If you need more information, just email me. I really just need a fair estimate. It's a single wide, too. I also know that the duct work is not original. Would it be better or cheaper to change to the smaller flex ducts? I really just need the most cost-effective fix to this issue. This place does not get any warmer than 62, during a sunny day, and much colder during the nights. Any information you could give would be helpful, even things that we haven't looked at yet. Thank you for your time.

A. It would be hard for me to give you an estimate without looking at the situation first hand. Let me ask you this, if the ductwork was replaced what was used to replace it and how was it done? Did they use flex duct or metal duct? Is it insulated? Is it electric or gas heat? Take one of the floor registers loose and stick your hand in the duct to feel for air flow, if you feel a lot of air movement then the duct my have come loose somewhere. If you don't feel a lot of air flow then I would suspect the heater. About the only suggestion I can give you is to call some local mobile home parks and dealerships to see who they use for maintenance/repairs and is their anyone honest and reliable they could recommend. Sometimes they have people who work for them that do jobs on the side. If you get any estimates get a few if you can to compare diagnosis and price. You can also go to and search for mobile home heat-A/C repair companies. Don't tell them what you suspect let them tell you. Sometimes when you say it might be the duct work they pick that up as a clue to tell you that you need everything replaced, same with the heater. Please let me know what happens because I don't want you to freeze. I know it gets cold up there...Don

Reply: Thank you for your response. This will help a lot. I wasn't even sure where to begin. I will let you know what happens. I am not sure what will happen when, because this week is crazy, but this will give me a place to start. Thank you very much.

Update: A spider had built a web in the pilot light orifice which interfered with the pilot flame.